Weekend Recap! (i know... i know...)

Listening to Mateo's chatter about being a strong boy, eating pizza and wanting to hold sharks
Watching this movie- again- and still loving it. Specially all the vests
Helping my dad stock the pond with trout
Wishing I had run more- damn those Townships are hilly
Devouring this cake. Seriously Aimee, the orange MAKES this cake! YUM!
Wearing red gardening clogs- thanks Maman
Driving that pick up truck
Contemplating how big Luca had gotten
Loving my morning coffee with D- always wishing it was longer
Admiring Mateo as he held his own in a group of brave boy-frog hunters
Making a feeble attempt at bingo
Being thwarted by masses of elderly bingo players
Visiting a magical place that was the setting for about 15 years of the best memories
Putting the boys on horseback at that very place
Pouring over this book, over and over again
Being part of a truly wonderful 50th birthday party
Knowing where I want to be when I'm 50
Falling in love with a house- to the point of tears (did I ever claim to be level-headed? NO)
Looking forward to being a bit more present here


Aimée said...

So you've been having way to much fun; I wouldn't be blogging either.
Glad you enjoyed the cake. We love it.

missweb said...

Welcome back. Your absence has been noted.

D said...

hey mills!
it was too short. called you to ask you to go running... but i think you were fishing and hanging with tati G. how was the trip to the farm?
talk to you soon.