As you may or may not know, we're in the throws of yet another move over here at Cochonet Rouge Headquarters.
In the spirit of this move (which, in square footage, will be a major downsizing) I give you the finalists in the always inspiring Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest.

210 square foot Upper West Side flat

So there, if these guys can make 210 square feet look fantastic, there's hope for us yet!

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jess said...

NOt including a walkway to our stairwell and our stairwell, we have approx 2 400 square feet for the the four of us. We downsized from over 1000. It does make me a little crazy at times, but I can station myself in the middle and I can keep watch of all shenangigans without moving much.. It also takes me less time to clean, but the keeping organized becomes more a more in your face issue.