Last 4 years...

So to those of you who know me well, the following will come as no surprise: I tend to be quite harsh on myself, much more so than on anyone else. We're not too sure where this all stems from, but I'm sure the extensive therapy I'll undergo once I'm disgustingly wealthy will dig up some interesting factoids about my childhood. In the interim, I'll be happy to have my post carbo-load pity party here, in the safe arms of the Cochonet.
Whenever I feel like this (icky, angry, pissy, disappointed... ), I try to remind myself of all the things I've ticked off my list in the past 4 years. Here's a sample:

Graduated Design School
Met B.
Got married
Birthed two monkeys
Moved 3 times
Started blogging
Made new friends
Painted a red bicycle canvas

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Hilary said...

you left a few things off that list, namely:
mended my monkey's broken heart and gave her something new to smile about.

thank you, my love, for loving me so deeply.