Gratitude or the 6 week recap

As many of you know, Bruno has finally returned home after our longest separation yet. These trips are wonderful and torturous at the same time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the words more honest. It forces you to cut out the crap
It's really quite amazing what can happen when you finally let people help. You've opened your homes, your busy schedules and your hearts to us. You've watched the kids, dropped off muffins and eased the burden. Some of you even wiped the tears.
To you I owe a piece of my sanity. Everyone has benefited from your generosity and we are forever indebted to you, this amazing community that surrounds us.
So pause for one second and be kind to yourselves. Say 'hey, I pitched in and helped a family get through a rough patch, I'm awesome'.
You all are.

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