Things my kitchen lacks

For a girl who worked at a kitchen store, I am surprised at how much stuff I'm missing from my kitchen drawers... here's my ever-growing list of stuff I need/want/will feel complete with:

Steak knives
Wine glasses
Everyday drinking glasses
Big wooden rimmed cutting board (like 18"x30")
Cake decorating accessories (and cake stand)
Offset spatula
Digital scale
More measuring cups/spoons/scoops... LOVE those
This olive wood laddle (come one, every cook NEEDS one of these!)
Nice salt and pepper mill
Meat tenderizer

What are your missing items?


missweb said...

Ummmmmm..... almost you whole list, except for the glasses, I actually have enough of those! Glass measuring cups. The old vintage pirex ones!!! Must have, must have!!!!

Sarah said...

Afew items that are on my to-buy list:

A set of stainless mixing bowls
A Kitchen Aid stand mixer
New cutlery

I finally bought a lovely Madeleine pan at Wilfred & Adrienne yesterday!