Thank you Kate Bush,

Cartoons before breakfast?
Cookies for dinner?
Bedtime past 9pm?
No shoes in the park?

It's official, I'm a slacker mom. You can find me on a Saturday at Walmart, eating donuts, abandoning the babies in the toy section and standing dumbly in some isle, making it IMPOSSIBLE for others to pass. I'm also drinking Coke, and it's before 10am. I'm also wearing a leisure that says 'awesome' on the sleeves.
But all kidding aside, I started reading this book courtesy of this dear friend (you can see pics of my man-clan there) and I'm realizing that I'm sometimes (errr-often) missing the point of this whole parenting thing. I've been opting for the path of least resistance and maybe that's not really the best solution for a two year old. By the end of the day, I'm just too empty to deal with a tantrum properly, you know? So sure, you don't want the egg/spinach tortilla wrap I lovingly made you... sure you can have cookies and juice. You want more cookies? Okay. (Italian tea cookies- really can't be that bad?)
I guess these things happen and the Universe has methods to keep you in check. Thankfully.

Daily Gratitude:
The Internet (hell yeah)
Mateo's cuddles on demand
Circles circles and more circles
So You Think You Can Dance and my lady viewing companions
My sister NEVER giving me crap for not calling
Finally a good haircut
Rambling petunias

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Aimée said...

Is there anyone who doesn't feel like a slacker mom sometimes? I feel bad for them, then.
Oh and you are all so beautiful. Noah asked to play with Mateo when he saw the pics.