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After a long week filled with trips to the parks, romps in the water and playdates with friends, Cochonet is back. What I can't guarantee however, is the frequency of the posts! Summer is too short and it's too damn hot in my office to report back on my new favorite things or my recent distastes.
Anyways, here's a recap of the last week:

A very very new baby Elsa... in the wise words of Annabelle I think (Elsa) is an Ovary Bomb. (Her) effect on ovulation is supremely dangerous.
Very bad babies and very good babies
Letting go
Dinner boycott
Tête à tête breakfast with B.
Lists, lists and more lists
Dreaming of the dream house
This book
Feeling bad about the back up in email responses
Body odour... still?
Sad goodbyes
Fried potatoes at Dads' Bagels
Lunch at the park
New Crocs for Mateo
A summer vacation in the works
Watching Mateo take a nap with my father


Anonymous said...

I love it when I make it on to the infamous lists. I feel famous.

Anonymous said...

You're reading ARWAV? Never read it, but one of my favorite movies of all time. Have you seen it?

Emeline said...

I've never seen it, and I'm even upset that I read the back of the book... I like going into books/movies blindly.