LONG weekend recap

I bet you there are no viruses here:
Yup, we've been hit AGAIN. This time, the victim is Luca. He's a fighter though... I'm not too worried, but a trip to the emergency has been scheduled for this afternoon. Awesome.
So before I go...

This film
Rocking out to Family Vacation 2007 featuring this band, this band and this band.
Perfect Saturday: Hot dogs, lemonade and our very own garage sale!
A nice bottle of Kim Crawford Pinot Noir shared with my sister-in-law and her beau.
Being so sleep deprived that it's hilarious.
Clean sheets, clean house and a stocked fridge.
Being a 'true' montrealer on St-Laurent with Chan and Juice.
Quick half pint of Blanche au Reservoir... with Luca chilling out in my Ergo
New haircut from Coupe Bizarre
Looking forward to the I.D. Vernissage with an old friend
Really looking forward to SYTYCD premiere on thursday.
Booking my driver's test: JUNE 20TH 2008 9h50.


Michelle said...

Eep, good luck with the driving test! I still can't parallel park and "driver's license" remains a far, far away goal!

Aimée said...

Sounds like a GOOD weekend! Nothing like a new haircut to boost the spirits. Well, the Pinot Noir works too.
Hope Luca is better soon.