For your consideration

I seem to only be able to read things that are shorter than 10 pages... here's what's been keeping me 'intellectual' for the past couple of weeks...
This article from Harper's about the raw milk debate.
This article from Vanity Fair about the mega demon Monsanto. (this one came highly recommended by my oldest friend Jessie- the one most likely to change the world.)

And since it seems like Cochonet Rouge is turning into a flower blog....The house up the street just planted a bed of annuals and- of course- the star player is the marigold. Nothing disgusts me more than these ugly smelly welfare flowers. Harsh?Maybe. True? Absolutely. It's like the potato of flowers. They're inexpensive but they get the job done. Same thing goes for honeydew and cantelope, but I'll save that rant for another post titled:
"To all you breakfast places... why can't any of you get it right? How hard is it to cook breakfast?"
Marigolds are dead to me. Anyone who plants them is considered 'on notice'. You have been warned.

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