Flower Shoppe?

Just daydreaming of opening a flower shop... any name ideas?
Those pictures are from the flower shop I told you about yesterday. It's in San Francisco and it also has a design shop and art gallery in it. AND it has an awesome name Rose and Radish . AND they have this subscription program where you pay exhorbitant amounts of money for bi-weekly or monthly flower deliveries- organized around a theme... COME ON. It's a dream come true. Imagine receiving fresh flowers EVERY MONTH. IMAGINE??!?

Ranunculus from Apartment Therapy

Just think... this all could be MINE. All mine.
So hit me with some fun names for my new imaginary business venture. Does anyone remember Baby Food? Ahem... that hurt.


Sarah said...

Baby Food...*sigh*.

I feel like i have already made a contribution to your fresh flower fetish, but i will indulge you nonetheless in your imaginary flower shop fantasy and suggest the very simple "Bloom".

Piera said...

1. Fancy Flaura

2. Flauritoville, where you can sell flowers and burritos!

3. Emiline Eidelweiss

4. Tulips and Tea

Emeline said...

A teahouse/flower shoppe? You think we can sneak in a baby cafe in there? I like Tulip+Tea...or what about T is for Tulip?
I think the Pointe needs a burrito place... that sells flowers.

Anonymous said...

love the "Tulips and Tea" idea... when are you opening up shop in the point? right?

"Ville Tulipe"
"T is for Coffee"
"On Notice"
"Evil & Flowers"