Deodorant Woes

Now I know I shouldn't be using antiperspirant, but I do. GASP. Yup, I do. Good old Degree Shower Clean. One day I will switch, but only when I have lost all faith in my Degree. The day is close, I can smell it... I've recently been very disappointed with a certain product that goes by the name Rain Storm. Don't let it's crisp, clean name deceive you... it's really just a hard condensed stick of body odour. Really, I'm not lying to you. You slap it on, and 5 minutes later, you stink. Game over.
I've had my fair share of sweat issues. Hell, I've even duck-taped the inside of a button down shirt to prevent the sweat stains from appearing. I was that kid at camp who had to be pulled aside and told to get some deodorant. I once gave up playing Risk because I had pit stains down to my waist (gawd, that game is stressful). I, to this day, don't understand how my parents can happily go about their days without any. underarm. protection. while I carry this great burden of shame. The shame of sweat.
So again, I am confessing to you: I sweat, I have pit stains, and more often than not...I have body odour and I'm ok with it. Do you guys think kids at Marilyn's camp ever told her to "for gawd's sake- wear deodorant"?


Sarah said...

I hear ya!

Drysol saved my life -yes i know it's horrible horrible carcinogenic stuff, but without it i could never have a job in the hot hot summer or in the winter when i had to take the metro wearing my big coat.

I haven't used it for months now, but once i'm back to sustaining only one life form, i'll be right back on board!

Hilary said...

i'll take cancer over b.o. anyday....

poor form?