Tea Set Fridays

The Friday Teapot:

Madieke Fleuren is a dutch ceramic designer. She's more known for her 'leather' vases, but I'm just digging this trompe l'oeil knitting texture. You can check out the rest of her work here.

Bonus Friday!
I know it's not a tea pot, but is is ceramic... so I guess it counts! The colours grabbed me... very s/s 08!

Kiki $92 usd Mason $52 usd

They're from Perch!Design, a Brooklyn based design studio. All pieces are handmade with a special consciousness of materials, trying to choose finishes which are low-impact on the environment. Perch also has an adorable collection of birdfeeders.

All this ceramic research has inspired me to start a colour-focused collection. From this day on, I will be collecting coloured ceramics. I haven't picked the colour yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do!


D said...

but what the hell are they?

D said...

yes, the coloured ones...

Emeline said...

I think they're just vases... you know, for all the fresh flowers I have in the house!