Overwhelmingly Awesome

I can't seem to type this fast enough... it's as if it'll disappear if I don't blog about it.

A girlfriend of mine has very very recently (like less than 2 hours ago) turned me onto felt foods. She made some eggs and quesadillas for her little gal and I must say that I instantly fell in love.
Of course, I couldn't get home fast enough to see what the wonderful world of Google had in store for me. Boy, this little thing called the Internet did NOT disappoint. MUST START MAKING FELT FOOD.
I am warning you. The following pictures might cause shortness of breath, temporary loss of vision and heart palpitations....
I found this site and I couldn't even believe my own eyes. This is making my mind spin. MUST MAKE FELT FOOD.
Have a great weekend!

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missweb said...

That is so totally out of control! So can we make Friday afternoon felt food craft time? LOL SO much fun even if we didn't finish the sandwich. We may need to skip the mall and stick the kiddos in front of Nemo Monday. LOL