Featured Thursday Artist

The Mysterious Deaths of HoneyBees
This is a new Thursday feature: Artist of the Week.
I think it'll be a mixed bag: artist, musician, designer, florist... you get the drift.

Who: Liz Grotyohann- Pica Pica studios
What: Graphic designer
Where: N.J/USA

Liz Grotyohann works as a graphic designer in the discipline of exhibit and environmental design, but sells her art, craft and jewelry through her website and Etsy store .
Crafted from recycled materials and found objects, her pieces are waiting to reveal their secrets. As if each one were a code waiting to be decyphered.

La Joue (mixed media, found object- 2007)

Cowboy Bowl-2006

Recycled Paper Vase 2007

She seems to be on the cusp on making it really big.. You heard it here first folks, Pica Pica. Remember that name!

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