Wow, I'm a terrible sewer!

Ok so the bad news is that I really don't know how to sew... That's it. There's no good news.
A whole slew of people (mostly children- thank god) will be proud owners of 'quirky soft goods'. Quirky is another word for amateur looking, but I'm trying hard to not be so negative about all this Christmas creating!!

notebook & pen holder

soft trees from Little Birds

family stockings

Now I have three more projects (12 units total- ouch) to finish/start. Why did nobody tell me that Christmas is in one week???? And Christmas cards, more baking, family photo for the cards and maybe a recap on the Golden Globes nominations??? Eeeeek, not enough time.
hmmmm... just had a stroke of genius... maybe I'll post a Best Of List for the new year...?
Can you tell that my brain is just about at capacity? Itll soon start oozing out of my ears.

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Sarah said...

Wow. très impressed! Are you really buying ALL your Christmas gifts?! Amazing. The trees are too cute.