I love goats

My kind of house:
Photo via Treehugger
If we ever build a house (yep, it's on our list called Life: To do) it will have a green roof, and hopefully, that roof will have goats on it. How do they even get up there?!?!
If you're into goats, check out Farmgirl Fare's goat story... it might make your little heart explode!
Back the green roof thing for a second...

It's one of those things that seems stupidly simple. Why isn't it happening on a larger scale?
Seems like Toyota has been working on a green roofing tile since 2003! Can Japan be any cooler? (also on our Life: To do... go to Japan)

These tiles are relatively inexpensive ($43 per tile), self-watering and easy to install. They connect directly to the existing irrigation system and don't require any structural changes to your roof. Duh.
The car company is involved in quite a few non-automotive projects. You can read more about them here.
For more on green roofs and other green issues check out Inhabitat.

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