Handmade Christmas

oops- had forgotten to post this!

So Christmas is 12 days away, and for a gal who made the pledge I'm feeling a bit on the screwed side. I've sketched out many ideas and have "made" most of the gifts in my head, but I have yet to sit down and make anything, you know? I have lofty visions of me, dashing to the printer's to pick up my own holiday cards (designed by moi- if I could ever figure out how to use stupid Photoshop) . I think I need to buckle down, lock the kiddos in their room/closet (boooo... can't you guys take a joke?!), and get creating. Instead, I spend my time browsing on Etsy , convincing myself that I can make everything those guys are making. Ya right, I can barely get stockings to look decent!!
Take a look at this:
I'm loving the stuff over at Shimandsons. Too bad she's all done taking orders for this year!
Design Sponge's 2007 Handmade Holiday Guide

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