So here's a little golden nugget I've discovered.

Imagine not needing money. Not for bills - there are none. Not for food - you grow or make it all yourself. Not for transport - you have a bike.

Disillusioned with their lives, Linda Cockburn and Trevor Wittmer decide this is how to break the cycle of too much work and too little time for doing the things that are important, like spending time with their son, Caleb.

Their idea of living sustainably on a suburban block is simple and perfect. By drawing all their power from the sun, harvesting their water from the rain and growing enough produce to give them variety, they can do something positive for the environment and for themselves

For six months they take it to the extreme - and come up against a drought, an onslaught of fruit fly, and the demands of an unruly goat called Possum. But they also become fitter, healthier and happier, and delight in the simple pleasures of being reconnected with nature.

That's the press release from their website.

So can anyone spell J-E-A-L-O-U-S?
Living off the grid is one of my many, many, many ideas I fantasize about. I mean, who doesn't want to be completely self-sustainable? Live from the earth knowing that you can provide for yourself under ANY circumstance; teach the kiddos myself about the wonderful world that surrounds us (yes, yes also about fractions, music and geography), and of course, family riding lessons in the early morning.... I'm smiling just thinking about it.
Unfortunately, my mothers' pessimistic streak has polluted my once naive and idealistic spirit. I'm scared of getting lonely, forgetting how much I love the almond croissant/latte duo and ultimately resenting my loving family for keeping me from my deserved life of hipness and wealth (don't ask...that's the design student talking... not the mama)
All of this is très normal, non?

Back to the Cockburns...

Sure they live in Australia... but can't one accomplish something similar in bitter cold Quebec? Maybe we won't be able to grow the avocado trees and the kiwi bushes... but surely we can live on turnips and beets for a few months?
Maybe we need to relocate... I've heard Portland is quite nice?

All this to say... check the book out!
Although I haven't read it, I will praise it as if I had.

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Sarah said...

I am 100% with you on this (see my chicken vs. city diatribe). I have vowed to become more self sufficient food-wise. I think my plan will become much more realistic once the price of green roofs comes down –imagine all the stuff you can plant up there! However, winters will be bleak –there are only so many root vegetables one can eat, non?!

Welcome back chérie!